welcome to! hosts Dylanfreak Headline News, the Legendary Web J-Card™ Polygizmo & the MiniScore for Women's Gymnastics User Guide, as well as a number of RSS newsfeeds custom-scraped hourly from several remote mailing list archives.

The computer security newsfeeds served by are very popular with subscribers. We've provided an estimated 75 million RSS files since January 2003. In fact, the bulk of the HTTP bandwidth historically consumed by this site is RSS downloads!

Since you're here, you might as well reward yourself with a prestigious diploma from the BOGUS diploma mill. As we say in education, "You only get out of it what you put into it," so don't scrimp on the paper! A BOGUS diploma is, in fact, worth the paper it is printed on!

There's other stuff -- at least two complete websites -- lurking in here, too. I find web development to be therapeutic & in my "day job" as a research administrator for the past dozen years, I had a real incentive to learn HTML coding, advanced office application trickery & cgi scripting. serves as a platform for application development as well as the news service, MiniScore support & fun stuff. In addition to what you can see & enjoy here, I've written online organizational planning & assessment systems, online & offline personnel evaluation systems & set up scores of online surveys with dynamic reporting tools, including deployments for several dissertation studies. If any of those applications interest you, take a look at my portfolio or drop me a line.

The site is 100% pure handcoded HTML. I've never cared for FrontPage, Coffee Cup, Dreamweaver, or any other HTML generators. The current version is dynamically generated by a CMS/template engine that I wrote in Perl (TSW Site Generator v3.033). It automagically outputs validated XHTML, but since the templates & Perl scripting were all written by me using text editors, I'm claiming they're handcoded as well. That's my story & I'm sticking to it!