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Click the icon at left to add the AAUP-USM sidebar tab to your Netscape 7 or Mozilla browser. The sidebar displays links to the latest posts "scraped by" from AAUP-USM Message Board. The "My Sidebar" feature is not available in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Konqueror or Apple Safari. It also does not work with Lynx. This sidebar installation system has been tested against Netscape 7.01 - 7.02, Mozilla 1.3.1 - 1.7.5 & Firefox 0.9.3 - 1.0

If you don't use Mozilla, you can still access the newsfeed by directing your favorite news aggregator to the XML file itself. Don't have a favorite news aggregator? Don't know what a news aggregator is? Read this!

Still not sure? Add the feed to your My Yahoo! home page. Add to My Yahoo!

You can validate the RSS newsfeed by clicking the pretty Valentine candy below:

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