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This page contains links to various projects that are in development, aren't ready for prime time, will never be ready for prime time, or for some other reason aren't featured on any of the other main pages of this site.

Web J-Card Polygizmo 4.0 (beta)
This is a "development version" of the Web J-Card Polygizmo. Everything from small stylesheet tweaks to major enhancements are tested here before being moved to "production." Access is password-protected right now. Use this log-in: username=beta_tester, password=polygizmo.
BDBDB Online - version 2!
This demo uses PHP & mySQL to query the Bob Dylan Boot Database. It performs basic searches now. The "enter my list" control changes the listing display, but member listing functionality hasn't been built yet. Version 1 is online at EDLIS.
Test Item Analysis Tool - demo only
This script practically extracts & reports standard analyses of multiple-choice test items.
Expanded Bugtraq RSS File
Using an all-new scraper script, this expanded newsfeed includes verbose descriptions taken from the body of the post to the mailing list. I'm still working out all the regexps to clean the data for the RSS, but the basic 2-level screenscraper seems to work fine. Before this one gets the front page, it's gonna be redone in RSS 2.0 ;-)
Mozilla Sidebar Installer
Read any syndicated newsfeed in your Netscape 7/Mozilla sidebar using this unmodified installation of Corvar's scripts. This is the backend for the "install sidebar" option available for each RSS newsfeed provided by this site.
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