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  • Bull Bingo at Handango - If you constantly have to FISH around to find out which HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE have MOVED YOUR CHEESE, this free Palm OS™ game may help!

  • Orbworks - Write & compile full-featured Palm OS™ applications on your handheld with PocketC. The ultimate "geek game!"

  • DesignHouse - This searchable database of home designs & online ordering system was developed by djeaux.com over the past year. Written in Perl, the system was designed to match the look'n'feel of the existing site.

  • YourTradePubs.com - Offers a selection of free trade magazine subscriptions to qualified professionals. The system is completely written in Perl by djeaux.com.

  • JL Computer Services & Consulting - Custom-built computer systems & network solutions for home & office. Serving the Greater Westchester NY area for over 10 years.

  • National Hurricane Center & Weather Underground - Essential information when you're tryin' to reason with the hurricane season...

  • Quick's PDA Software - Featuring Tracker 4.1, a convenient, full-featured hurricane tracking system for Palm OS™!

  • bobdylan.com - The official Bob Dylan website, featuring a searchable lyrics database, discussion forums (as featured in Dylanfreak News), tour info & much, much more!

  • Dylan Pool - Pick the songs you think will be played & win valuable prizes! As showcased on CNN Headline News & the BBC, "The Pool" also features one of the most active Dylan message boards on the web.

  • Bob Dylan Boot Database - Established in 1994, the BDBDB is the oldest online tape & CDR traders' referral service. Search over 1,000 boots using the online tool. Read a review.

  • Insecure.org - Insecure.org maintains the security mailing list archives that are syndicated by the RSS newsfeeds available at djeaux.com. Insecure.org is also the home of the free Nmap Security Scanner software, featured in The Matrix Reloaded.

  • VulnWatch - The Vulnerability Disclosure List, VulnWatch is a non-discussion, non-patch, all-vulnerability announcement list supported and run by a community of volunteer moderators distributed around the world. The lastest posts to VulnWatch are syndicated here.

  • Inprotect.com - Your Innovative Protection - Free & professional level network scans, coupled with a web interface for Nessus & nmap security scanners, make Inprotect.com an excellent place to stop for your computer & network security needs.

  • Kontron - Kontron offers industrial PC products such as rack mount computers and servers, single board computer, PC104 plus, embedded systems, atx motherboards, computer telephony, and more.

  • Expecting Rain - Also featured in Dylanfreak News, Expecting Rain is one of the oldest & most respected Dylan sites on the web.

  • A Cat's Bob Dylan Links - The home page of Hambone Junior LeBlanc & gateway to the HWY61-L Archives. HWY61-L is the original moderated mailing listified version of rec.music.dylan, a terrific option for folks without regular Usenet access or who have a low tolerance for trolls.

  • La discusión EDLIS - Another Ikonboard installation by djeaux.com, the Exchange Dylan Lyrics Internet Service message board is the home of the b0b list, which aims to distill the top 2% of posts to rec.music.dylan.

  • Peter Stone Brown (Musician & Raconteur) - A legend in his own mind, PSB is both an accomplished singer/songwriter & journalist. For music reviews that go far beyond the norm (even to the insightful) & good listenin', too, visit this site.

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