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fairy tales
Here are some rants and pontifications about web development, programming, marketing, the history of the Internet, mobile computing, and whatever else may spring into my fevered brain, even a few concert reviews. Some of the articles are insightful and witty, others pedantic and dull. The only way to know which is which is to read them!

©2003, Joe Cliburn


Newsfeed Mania

How a couple of unsuspecting souls discovered Rich Site Summary (RSS) newsfeed files & began plumbing the depths of the Internet to bring you "all the news to give you fits". Discover how this common XML file format can change your outlook & deprive you of your sleep! 14-Nov-2002

Free Webmaster Tools

Text editors, web servers, databases, FTP clients & validation tools are all must-haves for webmasters. Fill up your toolbox for free! 30-Oct-2002

Don't Get A Complex Over HTML

Conspiracy or not, writing HTML doesn't require the most expensive and complex tools in the world. In this article, several common HTML generators are put head-to-head against HTML written by hand in a free text editor. Can you predict the results already? 04-Sept-2002

A Conspiracy Theory?

Why has the HTML standard grown increasingly complex? Why do the tools cost so much? These and other questions are evaded in this essay, which is sprinkled with keywords just like the "experts" say. 14-Aug-2002

Older Stuff

Here are some Bob Dylan concert reviews & commentary that are buried in the Flintcreek website, which is hosted (actually archived) here. Most of this stuff means absolutely zilch to anybody but a hardcord Bobsessive, but here it is:

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